Lesson One


Strike Palm to Ask Buddha (#1/64)

As you stand with your feet together, turn your right foot outward. Then bend your knees and sink downward as you lift your arms upward to shoulder level.

Lower Body: As you stand with your feet together, keep your right heel in place and turn your foot outward 45 degrees. Then bend both legs until your knees are over your toes and slightly lift your left heel.

Upper Body: As you turn your right foot outward keep your upper body in an upright position facing the 180-degree frontline. While bending your knees sink your body downward and raise your arms out to your sides until they reach shoulder level. Keep your palms down and arms straight except for a slight downward bend at the elbows.

Move your left foot forward and form a heel stance. Round your arms forward directing the side of your right hand toward your left palm.

Lower Body: Hold your right leg in a knee over toe position and move your left foot out in front of your body. Place your heel onto the ground with leg straight and foot flexed at the ankle to form a heel stance.

Upper Body: As your left foot begins moving forward round your left arm forward at shoulder level, forearm horizontal, fingertips pointing forward and palm facing right. Simultaneously, flex your right wrist and point your fingertips toward the sky arm rounding downward. While continuing to move your foot forward to form the heel stance, bring both hands forward at middle dāntián level as if moving around the sides of a big ball. Continue until they overlap out in front of your body, pinky side of right hand toward the center of your left palm without touching. End with your eyes predominantly focused through your right hand.

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