The road to Taiji mastery is an evolving process holding many opportunities for growth.

The Advanced Taiji Play involves learning and practicing the third section of the Guang Ping Form. This part of the form requires performing advanced techniques such as gathering, directing and releasing energy as you move through the dance. You will be challenged to orchestrate more difficult choreography such as standing on one leg while performing a slow and controlled kick. Each consecutive movement is a catalyst that leads to higher levels of performance and body-mind-spirit development. As an advanced Taiji player you will learn to apply the Six Harmonies paradigm to your practice, which will increase your ability to master both the simplest and the most difficult of moves. This stage of your training will lead you to experience a deeper sense of body-mind unification and heighten your ability to harness and channel internal power. It is often said after finishing the set is when the true learning begins. There is no end to the depth of this practice. This beautiful truth transforms an apparent end into yet another exuberant beginning.

Course Contents:

  • Learn Part Three of the Guang Ping Yang Style Taiji Form - this section contains a total of eight lessons containing written directions and instructional videos for optimal learning. 

  • The Six Harmonies - integrating this method into your form produces a deep sense of body-mind unification and heightened ability to harness and channel internal power.

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