Practice with reverence to further the Guang Ping lineage with authenticity and preserve its original nature – as you embark on the road to mastery to uncover the true meaning of Taiji.

Intermediate Taiji Play involves learning and practicing the second section of the Guang Ping Yang Style Form. It will further your development by teaching you to maintain composure and channel internal power while moving and kicking in multiple directions. This section of the form takes your physical and energetic play to a more challenging arena where the many basic principles and practice methods must be vigilantly applied. Learning how to differentiate yin and yang energies will aid you in this endeavor and help bring forth deeper physical and energetic harmony. As you proceed through this stage of your training, prepare yourself to be consistently challenged to up your Taiji game You will be pleased to find your stability, fluidity and ability to stay grounded and centered growing in leaps and bounds.

Course Contents

  • Learn Part Two of the Guang Ping Yang Style Taiji Form - this section contains a total of eight lessons containing written directions and instructional videos for optimal learning. 

  • Differentiating Yin and Yang - enrich your practice by integrating these ancient energetic principles as you perform your Taiji.

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