Gain greater understanding about the inter-connectedness and ever-changing flow of energies circulating within your body as you practice Taiji. Learn how training and lifestyle choices impact the quality and quantity of the seven key types of qi. 

Source Qi: preserves health and reinforces quality of life (foundation of vitality)

Food Qi: strengthens overall energy and blood flow

Air Qi: contributes to health of blood, blood vessels, muscles and skin

Gathering Qi: nourishes the heart and the heartbeat, governs blood and blood vessels

Nutritive Qi: sustains energetics of the organ systems and strengthens the entire body

Defensive Qi: regulates body temperature and provides immune protection

Upright Qi: a form of energetic integrity known as “the real power of the body”

With this comprehensive understanding, you will establish daily habits that strengthen and preserve your qi and avoid those that can weaken and deplete your qi. You will learn to further replenish your qi, build organ function, regulate hormones, strengthen immune function and balance your emotional body through your Taiji practice. As you continue to work with these subtle energies, you will gain insight into their various effects on human physiology.

This is a pivotal step in enhancing your Taiji mastery.

Curriculum Outline

  Energetic Underpinnings
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  Seven Forms of Qi
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