Take Your Taiji to a New Level

Upon completing all 30 lessons from “Strike Palm to Ask Buddha” to “Grand Terminus”, you may be wondering “What’s next?” It is often said that now, after finishing the set, is when the true learning begins. With each practice session, you become more adept at performing the art of Taiji. Dedication to applying the principles set forth by the ancients allows you to build the foundation and skills necessary to proceed to a higher level of training. There is no end to the depth of Taiji practice. This beautiful truth transforms an apparent end into yet another exuberant beginning. 

This next aspect of your Taiji mastery takes you through the portal of kai qiao – an aperture to a new experience. Entering this space raises your vibrational level and draws you into an enlightened state of awareness. It opens your eyes to the deeper ethereal meaning of Taiji and increases your ability to translate newborn awareness into the physical realm of existence.

This next great leap forward is about discovering the matrix of energies flowing throughout your body. Explore the seven main types of qi, the vital organs, energetic channels, the Seven Emotions, the Five Spirits and deeper energetic connections according to traditional and classical Chinese medicine theory. Apply this knowledge to your performance of the Seven Taiji Prep Workouts and Guang Ping Form to significantly enhance your physicality, enliven your spirit and nourish your emotional body, all the while drawing your physical and energetic counterparts into a more harmonious state of being.

Enrich your life with deeper levels of Chinese medicine wisdom – better known today as East Asian medicine. This holistic medical system, rooted in Daoist philosophy, spans over 2,000 years. It is an enduring tradition of scientific, clinical and scholarly research containing a vast amount of theoretical, philosophical and practical components. 

Deepen your energetic practice of Guang Ping Taiji by learning how to apply mind intent, experience “Expansion & Contraction” and sense the “Meridian Flow Patterns”. Immerse yourself in the energetic “Inner Workings of Guang Ping 64” and learn about the martial underpinnings of Taiji in “The Thirteen Postures” and “The Way of Pushing Hands”. 

Partake in a multitude of advanced experiential exercises to enhance your ability to work with qi leading to “Extraordinary Taiji Presence”. Follow the “Energetic Roadmap” for a tour of the energetic components of the body as a whole coherent system. Finally, discover how the Guang Ping Taiji left-handed set balances the right and left sides of your brain. 

The Delving Deeper into the Dance collection illuminates Taiji’s energetic underpinnings and numerous impacts on the cycle of life. As you progress, a greater capacity for manifestation ensues, bringing your Taiji into a new realm of endless possibilities. It is a uniquely challenging, yet empowering experience leading to increased levels of perception and discernment.

This collection of course contains the pinnacle of Taiji expertise that is sure to transform your Taiji experience, your health and your way of living – all while Delving Deeper into the Dance.